The Three P’s of Business: Passion, Profits, and Prosperity

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaa6aaaajgq1nwu5mwm2lty4yjktndizni1hyzhjltg3mti2zjbhndfioqOn this site, you will find a collection of articles about the three Ps of running a successful business. In the following pages, you will find a breakdown of what successful businesspersons have done in the past to become who they are today.

The editors think it is interesting that with so many successful entrepreneurs to look up to, there are still businesses that are struggling to stay afloat.

Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group

Perhaps Richard Branson is the best example to emulate. However, the secret is that he did not start at the top. He is not just about passion, but the belief that it can be done. Do not listen to naysayers. If you set your mind to something, you can reach any goals you have set your mind on. Nowadays, more and more people are starting startups, but fall off the wagon before it picks up. Here, you will find tips on what to do to run a successful business and how to address the challenges.

Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo

Nooyi is perhaps the role model of every woman in business who is not intimidated by a leadership position. This site shares success stories of women who have made it big in the corporate world and have come out strong at the top. To be the CEO of a leading company is directly related to the profits you rake in; after all, there is nothing to celebrate about being the top executive of a business that only records losses. Profits are one of the Ps you will find highlighted in the following pages, and how they influence the future success of your enterprise.

Tim Cook, Apple

You will only be prosperous if you believe in your ability and strength. The bar Steve Jobs has set does not intimidates Cook. Your success lies in noticing the loopholes in existing inventions and coming up with ways to improve the situation.

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